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Pedometer v1.4
03.01.2009, 12:47

Программа показывает какую вы прошли дистанцию(шагов),время и сколько калорий потеряли.

12/25/2008 Pedometer 1.4 is released. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

What's new:

--The pedometer should also work when carrying in horizontal position. Please report if the counting is accurate enough.
--Added "Show toolbar" setting so that you can choose whether to show the toolbar on the main screen.

--First, verify and set your preferred setting from the menu item.
--Find the best carrying position with the "Play step sound" option on.
--Use the Hide button to save battery.
--You can install on storage card, but it can break the application if you use the storage mode while the Pedometer application is running.

Known Issues:

--Step detection is not accurate sometime. The algorithm needs improvement.
--Hide mode does not prevent from going into sleep mode.
--After changing the setting, you need to close then reopen the application for teh new setting to take effect.
--It only works if the diamond is in the vertical position.

            Скачать: _elitemway_pedometer_1.4.rar

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